Warwickshire County Council

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WCC declared a Climate Emergency in July 2019. The Council's Plan for 2020-2025 featured two pages on Climate Change.  Warwickshire Climate Alliance released a critical response to the Council’s initial Plan on October 2021. WCC released a more detailed Climate Change Action Plan in November 2021. This did not respond to WCA's recommendations.  

WCA's principal recommendations to WCC were
  • Set interim targets for emissions reductions.
  • Appoint a cabinet member whose sole responsibility is Climate and Environment. The current portfolio holder, Cllr. Heather Timms, is also responsible for Culture.
  • Upgrade the climate emergency working group to a committee.
  • Allow public scrutiny of the climate emergency working group
  • Embed the climate emergency plan into all future WCC work.
  • Use the Met Office worst-case scenario in all further work.
On August 2022, members of WCA will meet again with Heather Timms and the Council's officers working on climate change in order to discuss progress.  

WCC Cabinet meets monthly, and published the dates, agendas and minutes of its meetings. Meetings are open to members of the public, who may speak for up to three minutes at the start of the meeting, but only on agenda items. The same applies to meetings of the full council. The council normally asks members of the public to give at least two days notice of their intention to speak at a meeting. 

The WCC Democratic Services Team Leader, Paul Williams, is extremely helpful. He can advise about the procedure for speaking at one of the meetings. Contact him via Tel: 01926 418196 and Email:

Warwickshire County Council has created the Green Shoots Fund, to award small scale Community Climate Change grants and fund local low-carbon initiatives. The current (second) round opened on Friday  June 17th 2022 and closes on Monday September 19th 2022. 

                                                          Green Shoots Fund

Climate Emergency UK's assessment of WCC's Climate Emergency Action Plan