Friends of the Earth

is one of the principal national and international organisations campaigning on a range of environmental issues, including climate change. It works nationally and has local groups in many towns across the country. It runs training sessions for activists, and its website hosts a range of campaigning resources.


campaigns nationally and internationally, and has local groups in Northampton, Birmingham and Worcester, but none in Warwickshire. 
Its focus is direct action -- obstructing damaging oil exploration, and defending the undersea environment from damage by trawlers. 

Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion campaigns nationally and internationally. Through its acts of civil disobedience it has influenced governments around the world and led to a number of national declarations of climate emergency. Not everyone approves of its sometimes disruptive actions, but they have attracted a lot of much-needed attention to the climate crisis.

Just Stop Oil

.is a coalition of groups working together to ensure that the UK government commits to ending all new licenses and consents for the exploration, development and production of fossil fuels in the UK. They are fearless practitioners of non-violent civil disobedience.

Low Carbon Hub

Oxfordshire's Low Carbon Hub is an inspiring example of what can be done at county wide level. It is a social enterprise that wants to prove it is possible to meet our energy needs in a way that’s good for people and good for the planet. It develops community-owned renewable energy installations across Oxfordshire that not only produce clean energy but accelerate the transition to the zero carbon energy system we need for the future, providing electricity, heat and a clean transport system, all powered by renewables.

Global Justice Now

 is a UK-based group that runs an active campaign against the Energy Charter Treaty, an international trade agreement under which fossil fuel companies can sue governments which attempt to limit fossil fuel production, for the resulting loss of their profits. Under the ECT, the UK risks having to make multi-billion pound payouts to fossil fuel companies if it deprives them of the opportunity to wreck the climate. In August 2022 the Italian government was ordered to pay the UK firm Rock Hopper £210 million compensation because it had forbadden oil drilling within coastal areas. 

Clean up Britain
 exists to combat the despoliation of our environment by rubbish, litter and waste. It has one main objective: to find sustainable and effective solutions to Britain’s epidemic of litter and fly-tipping. Although littering is not directly related to climate change, it springs from the same lack of concern for the future and for other people, so cleaning up Britain is part of the same struggle.
Sustrans exists to promote sustainable transport — walking and cycling. It has established a network of cycle routes across the UK. In Warwickshire these include  National Route 52, which runs north from Warwick through Coventry, Nuneaton and Coalville to link with National Route 6 just west of Loughborough, the Lias Line joining Leamington Spa to Rugby, via the Offchurch Greenway and Draycote Water, National Route 5 from Redditch to Stratford on Avon, and the Stratford Greenway, from Stratford on Avon to Long Marston. Some of these are still incomplete, and there are opportunities for volunteering to further develop them. 

Climate Impacts Lab 
Measuring the Real-World Costs of Climate Change. The Climate Impact Lab’s team of economists, climate scientists, data engineers, and risk analysts are building the world’s most comprehensive body of research quantifying the impacts of climate change, sector-by-sector and community-by-community around the world.