The world is running out of time

The world is running out of time to tackle the climate crisis, say leading experts, according to a Guardian article on November 09-11-2020. They argue that insufficient emphasis is being given to the greenness of the economic recovery from Covid. Another article in the Guardian on 9-11-2020 gives more detail on what proportion of recovery plans is “green” in each of 24 leading economies.

Report from IMF

The October 2020 World Economic Outlook report, from the International Monetary Fund IMF, warns that current emissions policies are grossly insufficient, and that “Without further action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the planet is on course to reach temperatures not seen in millions of years, with potentially catastrophic implications.”

This is particularly striking since for many years the IMF has been a pillar of neo-liberal economic orthodoxy. The Guardian article on 13-10-2020 gives the highlights.

Renewables or Nuclear?

Renewables or Nuclear? Which is a better path to decarbonisation? This article from The Conversation, on 29-10-2020, reports on a study which shows that countries which invest in renewables succeed in reducing their emissions more than countries investing in nuclear — and moreover the price advantage of renewables continues to grow.

China Carbon Pledge

China’s 2015  NDC (its pledge to the 2015 COP21 Paris climate conference ) promised only to “lower carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP by 60% to 65% from the 2005 level”. Its 2020 revision to its NDC was a lot more ambitious: its emissions would peak by 2030, and decline to zero by 2060. The UK is committed to reaching zero emissions by 2030. See China’s carbon pledge will require complete inversion of existing system, Guardian, 27-9-2020.

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