Something to make you laugh? Cry? Shout?

Great cartoon, Disobedient Scientists Glue themselves to Banks, in the First Dog on the Moon series in the Guardian on April 22nd, ending with a real quote from a real scientist who is really worried. He finds a surprising calm and clarity on the other side of the Civil Disobedience barrier.

Warwickshire Youth Conference

Warwickshire Climate Alliance will run a one-hour workshop on Climate Change at the County Council’s Youth Conference 2022 on April 21st, for Warwickshire school pupils aged 11 to 17. The workshop will begin by exploring the young people’s feelings and knowledge about climate change. It will then look at some of the inspiring things being done around the world to limit climateContinue reading “Warwickshire Youth Conference”

Do look up!

Temperatures in both the Arctic are 30 degrees Centigrade above normal for this time of year. In the Antarctic they are 40 degrees above normal. The rate of change is outpacing even the predictions of climate scientists. Do we look away and try to hang on to 5 or 10 more years of approximate normality,Continue reading “Do look up!”

Impressions of Coventry and Warwickshire’s March 11th Climate Summit

From my point of view the climate summit did not get off to a good start. It was billed as bringing together the public sector, business and community organisations, but for weeks before it took place I was receiving anxious and irritated messages from community organisations who had either received no information about the conference,Continue reading “Impressions of Coventry and Warwickshire’s March 11th Climate Summit”

Coventry and Warwickshire’s Secret Climate Conference

Please read the open letter below, and if at the end you would like add your name to the list of signatories, write to Open Letter to Coventry City Council and Warwickshire County Council Coventry City Council and Warwickshire County Council’s joint Climate Change Conference, due to take place at Warwick University on March 11th,Continue reading “Coventry and Warwickshire’s Secret Climate Conference”

Warwickshire scores poorly for Climate Action

A survey by the campaigning group Climate Emergency UK published in January 2022 ranks Warwickshire’s councils’ Climate Action plans shockingly low. On Climate Emergency UK’s scoring system, the County Council scores 26%, Warwick District Council 53%, and Stratford upon Avon District Council 35%. North Warwickshire Borough Council, Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council, and Rugby BoroughContinue reading “Warwickshire scores poorly for Climate Action”