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This year's crop of extreme events

This year's crop of extreme events

Friday, September 16, 2022

Articles from Wikipedia, The Independent, The Guardian, etc on some climate extremes in 2022

India and Pakistan Heatwave. (Wikipedia, as of 14/09/2022)

Pakistan floods (Wikipedia, as of 16/09/2022) were made 50% worse by climate change (The Guardian, 15/09/2022)

California Drought and Heatwave. (The Independent, 09/09/2022)

China Heatwave   (Wikipedia, as of 08/09/2022)

European Drought and Heatwave. (Wikipedia, as of 13/09/2022)

Italian Floods  (Le Monde, 16/09/2022)

UK Temperature Record  (Met Office, 19/07/2022)

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