Santa turns a shade of green

Santa turns a shade of green

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Short story by Neil Kitching, guest blogger at Low Carbon Warwickshire Network and author of Carbon Choices.

‘Whoa!’ Santa shouted.   His reindeer obediently pulled up beneath the canopy of a towering oak tree which stood bare and stark against the starlit sky. Santa jumped, as a voice from above asked ‘why have you stopped here?’ He looked up in surprise to see the outline of an owl perched on a branch. ‘I’m just giving the reindeer a rest,’ explained Santa, ‘as my sleigh’s heavy this year.

‘No surprise there,’ said the Owl.

‘Why do you say that?’ Santa looked puzzled.

‘Because each year I see you give the children more and more parcels.  Larger, heavier parcels, and you use more and more packaging too.'

'But, but … everyone wants a big parcel, don’t they?’ said Santa.  ‘I’m going there,’ he pointed to a farmhouse. ‘A boy and girl live there, all excited about Christmas.’

Owl shook his feathers and looked down.  ‘Just take a minute to think, Santa,’ he said. ‘Your presents might be big, but do they help the children to be happier, healthier, or more content?’

Santa, thought for a moment, wondering what to say.

‘What’s in that parcel?’ asked Owl, pointing with his wing. 

‘It’s an electronic fish to hang on a wall.  When you walk into the room it sings a song.  It’s very clever, it uses a motion sensor.  It’s for their 9-year-old boy.’

Owl frowned. 'That's for a 9-year old boy?'

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