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Groups invited to contribute to COP26

Friday, January 22, 2021

From the announcement made by Alok Sharma on 21st January 2021

Applications have opened today to help shape the COP26 venue in Glasgow ahead of the crucial climate change talks later this year.

Businesses, civil society, academia, trade unions, indigenous groups, and young people have the opportunity to bring climate action to life through fun and lively events, displays and workshops in the areas where many of the world’s leaders will be meeting in November.

This is likely to include demonstrations of virtual reality technology; showcasing innovation helping to tackle global climate change; opportunities for local voices from around the world through culture and arts; and youth groups provided a platform to show the impact they are making.

With demand expected to be high for this unique opportunity, organisations are being encouraged to work together with collaborative proposals wherever possible with a focus on profiling the voices of those most impacted and on the front line of climate change.

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