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Democratic Deficit

Monday, October 18, 2021

Can democratic societies make the changes necessary to stop climate change? Not alone, of course -- but even together? And how can individuals be persuaded to make the changes to their lives that action to limit climate change requires, when they are accustomed to living and spending month to month, and often unwilling or unable to invest even in a pension for their old age? Two interesting articles explore these crucial questions in a readable way. Green Democracy in Europe, by Richard Youngs, published online by Carnegie Europe, asks whether and how democracies can confront climate change (spoiler: more democracy is needed, not less), and Climate  change: convincing people to tackle it is hard -- treating it like a pension could help, by David Comerford, published in the online journal The Conversation, considers the ways in which citizens can be induced to think of their and the planet's future. 

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