Lived Experiences

The suggestions on the Your Carbon Footprint page are all practical ones. Of course, in practice not everything goes as we imagine it will. This page contains some accounts of what really happened. If you’d like to contribute with your own experience (serious, humorous or tragic, or all three at the same time), please write to

Our first contributor wanted to reduce their carbon footprint. Stopping flying was easy, if not painless, since she has family far away. Insulating her house, and installing a ground source heat pump for heating, was harder … See the blog here.

Susan Rasmussen is a member of Leamington Town Council. Her blog describes a transition with fewer hiccups than the first blogger.

Sally Duns is a drug and alcohol addiction counsellor. Perhaps some of the techniques she and her colleagues use to help free people from addiction, can help others to free themselves, this time from consumption patterns that the planet can no longer sustain. Read about one in The Cycle of Change.

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