Recent News

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Release of Methane

One of the dangerous feedbacks which rising temperatures may trigger is the release of methane from rotted vegetation, currently frozen under the artic tundra. Methane has a warming effect 84 times as strong as CO2. This Guardian article from 27-10-2020 reports on evidence that it is beginning to be released.

Report from IMF

The October 2020 World Economic Outlook report, from the International Monetary Fund IMF, warns that current emissions policies are grossly insufficient, and that “Without further action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the planet is on course to reach temperatures not seen in millions of years, with potentially catastrophic implications.” This is particularly striking since forContinue reading “Report from IMF”

Renewables or Nuclear?

Renewables or Nuclear? Which is a better path to decarbonisation? This article from The Conversation, on 29-10-2020, reports on a study which shows that countries which invest in renewables succeed in reducing their emissions more than countries investing in nuclear — and moreover the price advantage of renewables continues to grow.