World’s leading economies failing to meet their climate pledges

A new report by Climate Action Tracker highlights the failure of every one of the developed nations, and almost every one of the developing nations, to meet the pledges they have made to reduce their carbon emissions in order to meet the goals of the Paris climate accord of 2015. Pledges which themselves insufficient toContinue reading “World’s leading economies failing to meet their climate pledges”

Is cake more important to us than climate change?

That seems to be what a survey of mentions on UK television has found. “Cake” was mentioned ten times as often as “climate change”, and “banana bread” more often than “wind power” and “solar power” combined. See this Guardian article for details of the survey. We seem to be too busy consuming to notice theContinue reading “Is cake more important to us than climate change?”

Pensions and Climate Change

Warwickshire Climate Alliance presents … Register for a free ticket here. Pensions investments into fossil fuels are currently prolonging their extraction and use, at a time when all reputable scientific opinion holds that these must cease within a very few years if we are to avoid catastrophe. Fossil fuel investments only represent the “best option” forContinue reading “Pensions and Climate Change”

‘Historic’ German ruling says climate goals not tough enough

A court case brought by a group of young environmental activists has succeeded in forcing the German government to step up its efforts to combat climate change. Judges in the country’s highest court ordered the government to strengthen legislation before the end of the year, to protect future generations — and the government has agreed.Continue reading “‘Historic’ German ruling says climate goals not tough enough”