Warwickshire Climate Alliance

What are we for?

Warwickshire Climate Alliance is an umbrella organisation of Warwickshire environmental groups, devoted to pushing for stronger action within the county on the climate emergency. We aim to lobby and collaborate with county-wide agencies to develop a serious plan for transition to net zero greenhouse gas emissions as quickly as possible, and we seek collaborations with other organisations to develop ideas for reaching that goal. We work to raise public awareness of the challenges of climate change, and to enhance the local connections that allow campaigners to share knowledge and collaborate in developing local campaigns.

We know that there are lots of groups already active in the area; we want to provide a way for everyone to see what everyone else is doing, and to provide a first port of call for someone who would like to become active but doesn’t know who to contact. Our Active Group Page contains a list of local groups and provides links to their websites. We also hope to provide reliable information on The Science of Climate Change, How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint, Climate Change in the News, Transport in Warwickshire, and …

We would welcome comments, suggestions and offers of help — this site is intended as a community resource. So e-mail info@WarwickshireClimateAlliance.org to tell us what you would like to see here and, if possible, how you could would like to contribute.

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