Warwickshire Youth Conference

Warwickshire Climate Alliance will run a one-hour workshop on Climate Change at the County Council’s Youth Conference 2022 on April 21st, for Warwickshire school pupils aged 11 to 17. The workshop will begin by exploring the young people’s feelings and knowledge about climate change. It will then look at some of the inspiring things being done around the world to limit climate change, and to prepare for its impacts. The second half of the workshop will look at what the young people attending the workshop would like to do about climate change here in Warwickshire, and at ways of bringing their ideas to fruition.

Greta Thunberg speaking at a children’s workshop — not ours, unfortunately!

To take part in the conference, register at the conference website. You will be asked to choose two workshops to attend, out of a list of five: Mental health, Climate change, Youth homelessness, Respectful relationships and Careers. If you choose the climate change workshop, prepare for it by taking the BBC questionnaire on children’s feelings about climate change. You can access it via the BBC’s Newsround website — there’s a link at the foot of the web page. It asks some questions about your views and feelings, and you can see how other young people answered the same questions.

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