Warwickshire Climate Alliance releases report on the County Council’s Climate Emergency Action Plan

The report was sent to councillors and to the council officers responsible for the environment on October 12th. Read it here. Very quick summary: the County’s Emergency Action Plan leaves a lot to be desired. Among its weaknesses:

  1. It sets no interim targets for carbon reductions.

2. It does not allow public scrutiny of its Climate Emergency Working Group.

3. It separates its climate concerns from its other plans, whereas a proper response would require consideration of the climate emergency to be embedded in every one of the County Council’s activities.

4. It makes over-optimistic assumptions about the severity of the likely effects of climate change. Where the UK Met Office predicts a range of possible scenarios for the effects of climate change, e.g. flooding, heatwaves, droughts affecting agriculture, etc., the County Council’s plan only allows for the best case scenarios. We have seen, over the last few decades that the reality is usually closer to the worst case.

WCA’s report highlights these and other weaknesses, and constructively suggests remedies.

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